The New face of Socialism – Mayawati

The Supreme court, recently dismissed a petition filed by the Good Governance India Foundation that challenged two legal facets of our political life. One, that the Constitution’s preamble has since 1976 declared us “socialist” and, two, that a 1989 law forces every party to pledge allegiance to this socialism.

The political parties are expected to emerge from ideas which form their base. In cognizance with Indian political system where still the fight is over vote bank and castes, that day is perhaps distant. The school of thoughts is missing and sole purpose is restricted to gain power and private investment.

With the party name as BSP(Bahujan Samaj Party) and a pledge towards development of Dalit, the party supremo higher-end objective seemed to accumulate enough wealth to achieve her dream to become PM of India. Net asset of 87 crore from 35 crore in just three years loudly speaks about the socialistic work she is doing. She clearly knows the art of tackling the people of the state. Making poor realize what could be achieved by one of them. They simply adored her and she is loving it big way with socialism crushed some where under her fatty bank accounts.

The question is under what impression Supreme Court is for socialism and how long it is going to take for our someone like PM aspirants to understand it.


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5 Responses to The New face of Socialism – Mayawati

  1. Avinash Behera says:

    I liked it…. keep writing…..

  2. Ankit says:

    I like the way u are questioning the basis of political parties in India, its time the political parties stop playing the caste based politics!!!!!

  3. Shweta says:

    India has always been an emotional country. You just need to touch the right chord , whether rationally or irrationally and you can get the whole public on to your knees…that is what Mayawati is doing.

  4. Ritu says:

    Being slave for so long, we are not tuned up to think and then act. The question is not how Mayawati could accumulate so much wealth but rather how could people use their democratic right so frivolously and let her win…..

  5. Rohit Awasthi says:

    @Avinash: Thanks a ton….keep reading :)
    @Ankit: Definitely its high time now for politician and for every citizen….they should start understanding and questioning the motives of bad politics going on.
    @Shweta: True but people have started understanding the dirty tactics and time is if not for a revolution then atleast protest to stop the non-stop non-sense going on.
    @Ritu: Indian democratical system is too liberal which is misused to the core….there needs to be harsh line drawn to stop it, the question is when, how and most importanly who…

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